Why Start A Business With Kleenit?


Endless potential

Kleenit delivers fantastic earning opportunities through delivering high pressure cleaning, painting, coating, sealing, finishing, marking and other products and services for, construction, major infrastructure, industrial, commercial, government and domestic clients. This broad range of services across multiple market segments generates numerous income streams for each and every franchisee, making a Kleenit uniquely desirable business opportunity for enthusiastic entrepreneurs. If you’re thinking big, like our top-earning Gold Franchisees, and want to take your business to the highest levels, we’ll establish the foundations for you to build your business and staff it with multiple personnel, and better still - you don’t even need industry experience.

The best training and support

If you’ve always been keen to start your own business, but are wary of potential risks, or don’t know where to begin, you’re in the right place. Before launching Kleenit we spent two years developing our first-rate franchisee resources and refining our successful business model. Since our launch in 2006 we’ve achieved continuous growth, to the point where we’re now a market leader. As a well-recognised ‘company with clout’ with superior buying power and extensive enterprise goodwill, our backing is a huge advantage for each and every one of our franchisees. Our highly successful track record rests on our mature business model which supports franchisees at every level.   Kleenit's Franchisee Training Academy We provide:
  • Hands on start-up support
  • Comprehensive technical, industry and business training and continuing support
  • An ongoing supply of certified business leads Market territories with researched and existing demand Low cost entry with vehicle and tools
  • Guaranteed minimum $75k first year income, with business manager earnings averaging $230k p.a.
Our area of expertise is in domestic, commercial and industrial high pressure cleaning, as well as coating, sealing and even workplace safety lines. But the great thing is you don’t even need industry experience. At Kleenit, your success is our goal, and our comprehensive, all-inclusive training reflects this. Once we’re done, you’ll have everything you need to operate a successful business, and you’ll be confident knowing you have all the support you need, whenever you need it.

Make work interesting

Kleenit has a great range of products and services that not only deliver several valuable incomes streams, but also ensure a dynamic and diverse working experience. With Kleenit, you’ll never experience a ‘groundhog day’ again, as you’ll connect with a broad range of interesting clients, engage in a variety of tasks and activities, and work in a wide selection of venues and settings.

Territories with existing demand

We’ve comprehensively researched each territory allocated for our current expansion, and are rolling out new franchises gradually and strategically, beginning in the eastern states of New South Wales and Victoria. Each new franchisee will have a dedicated territory with identified demand, together with certified business leads, and a guaranteed first year minimum income of $75k. With training and ongoing support, you’ll never feel more confident about stepping into your exciting new role as a business owner.

Diversify your income streams

Unlike other franchise businesses that only offer a single service or product (such as lawn mowing or fence construction), Kleenit is far from a one trick pony. We deliver multiple services including high pressure cleaning, painting, coating, sealing, finishing and marking to clients across the major infrastructure, construction, industrial, commercial, government and domestic markets. This unique design allows franchisees to earn income from multiple sources, while operating just one business..

Your future is now

Right now Kleenit is expanding. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to join our team and reap the financial and lifestyle benefits of owning your own business, with the muscle and might of a dynamic market leader behind you. If you’ve been thinking about taking the leap for a while, complete this form to get the ball rolling today, or click here now to download your comprehensive Franchisee Guide.
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